Thank you to our sponsors, Smooth 105.6 FM, and competitors and supporters for making this a fantastic event.

We greatly thank James Alexander from Ray White Waipu for his auctioneering prowess, ensuring a lively auction to benefit the Waipu Lions.   

Open Section Heaviest Snapper
1st Adam Bridger 8.445 kg
2nd David Winters 7.820 kg
3rd Darren Crawford 7.640 kg
4th Darren Crawford 5.920 kg
5th Aaron Reid 5.680 kg
Open Section Heaviest Snapper - Day 1
1st Adam Bridger 8.445 kg
2nd Luke Paul 4.240 kg
3rd Adam Bridger 3.940 lg
Ladies Section – Heaviest Snapper or Kahawai
1st Savannah Parlour 7.350 kg 
2nd Savannah Parlour 6.420 kg
3rd Paula Alexander 4.050 kg
Open Section – Heaviest Kahawai
1st Kane MacDonald 1.885 kg
2nd Kane MacDonald 1.800 kg
3rd Linda Lee 1.565 kg
Open Section – Heaviest Kingfish
1st Luke Paul 26.800 kg
Open Section – Heaviest Other Species
1st Simon Pennington  | Trevally 3.490 kg
2nd Luke Paul | Trevally  3.080 kg
3rd Roy Bradley | Trevally  2.160 kg
Junior Section – Heaviest Snapper or Kahawai
1st Fraser MacDonald 6.850 kg
2nd Henderson Parlour  5.310 kg
3rd Henderson Parlour 5.060 kg